Smoky Ridge Meats

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At Cedar Hill Family Farm we sell farm fresh beef directly to the consumer. We have a small Angus herd and will be breeding to a Charolais bull. The coined term for this breed is a "smoke" hence the name Smoky Ridge Meats. 

All meats sold are processed at local USDA inspected facilities and are packaged for resale. 

Please contact us for meat cuts, prices, and availability. 

Prices below are per pound.

Ground Beef                $5

Sirloin Steak               $11(sold out)

 Ribeye Steak              $12


 Flank Steak               $10

 Filet Mignon              $18

Cubed Steak                $7

Stew Beef                  $8


Ny Strip                     $12


Skirt Steak                $7

Chuck Roast               $7

Shoulder Roast           $7


Sirloin For Tips          $10(sold out)


If you would like to place an order, or contact us for more information.